Does a free investment credit help form your credit history? We tell you why

We have always heard from different sources that you should try to maintain a healthy credit history. But what is it really about and how can it be built? Basically, risk centers such as Datacrédito look at their behavior in relation to credit: if they have any active credit, if they have cards, if they make timely payments, how much borrowing capacity they are using, etc. All that is measured in points and the more points you accumulate, it means that your history is better.

Those who have never been related to credit have no information available, therefore, they are almost as risky as a person with poor behavior, as entities cannot determine what the result of lending money will be.


To build credit history

credit history

Credit cards are useful, but the requested credits are also taken into account. One of the variables that builds history is the amount of appropriations open and closed appropriately, that is, with timely payments. In addition, the variety of products that a person has is also taken into account. For example, you can have four credit cards, but it would probably be more convenient to have one card and one credit.

Therefore, consider the free investment credit to cover the purchase of some electronic or the payment of some vacations, it is ideal, because it will allow you to start building your history in a positive way and at the same time, enjoy what you longed for.


However, it should not be taken lightly

credit debt

You should plan your expenses and be sure that you can cover the credit installments, to avoid delays and that this results in a bad record in the central risk. Consider that all your income should not be used to pay the fee, it is prudent that there is a certain amount that will help you respond to an emergency.

Do not forget that there are many free investment credits, but not all of them are suitable for your profile. Compare the alternatives and verify which entity offers the best deal.

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