How does the loan work?

Astro Finance started in 2007 and offers loans to private individuals in the form of account credit. At Astro Finance you can quickly borrow between $ 1,000 and 20,000. 

Astro Finance – a flexible loan

Astro Finance - a flexible loan

After a credit check, Astro Finance decides what credit limit you will receive (maximum $ 20,000). Then you decide for yourself how much you want to withdraw from the credit. When the loan is repaid, the same amount can be borrowed again and thus the loan is flexible. A similar lender who has the same arrangement is, for example, Smspengar.

Terms and conditions for borrowing at Astro

Terms and conditions for borrowing at Astro

To borrow at Astro you need to be over 18 years of age and be approved in the credit check the company carries out. Having a payment note (or several for that matter) need not be an obstacle to getting a loan from Astro Finance. You start from your current situation instead of looking historical.

Astro Finance – interest rates and fees

Astro Finance - interest rates and fees

The company markets itself as having one of the best interest rates on the market with monthly interest rates of 1.24%. But in fact, the annual interest rate (nominal interest rate) is usually stated for loans and when comparing loans, the effective interest rate is most important to review, which is also recommended by However, Astro Finance is clear in specifying both annual interest rates and effective interest rates for its loans.

credit Amount Effective interest rate
5 000 USD 29.3%
10 000 USD 28.7%
15 000 USD 28.9%
20 000 USD 28.9%

In addition to interest, there is also an administrative withdrawal fee of $ 295, but no additional fees beyond that.

Alternatives to Astro Finance loans

If you want to find cheaper loans, you can easily find a private loan with lower effective interest rates, using Sambla between 3.01% and 22.59%. You can also borrow up to $ 600,000 from our partners. The service is completely free to use.

Astro Finance credit information

Astro Finance credit information

Astro Finance offers loans without credit information through UC as they do not use UC for their credit assessment. Instead, Astro Finance uses the credit information company Creditsafe and therefore the loan does not affect your credit rating at UC.

Astro Finances my pages

Astro Finances my pages

To become a customer of Astro Finance you need to be able to identify yourself. The simplest method is via mobile BankID, but it is also possible to identify yourself with the Nordea person account or with a mobile number on which you are registered.

Once you become a customer of Astro Finance, you get access to Astro Finance’s “my pages”. By logging into my pages you can:

  • Make withdrawals
  • Apply for a higher credit limit
  • See invoices
  • Change contact information
  • Read credit agreements
  • Submit improvement suggestions to Astro Finance’s idea box
  • Read frequently asked questions and answers
  • Change to receive invoices by letter instead of email

Withdrawals, disbursements and refunds

Withdrawals, disbursements and refunds

The minimum amount you can withdraw from Astro Finance is $ 500. To make a withdrawal, you log in to Astro, either with the help of mobile BankID or with your social security number and password.

Refund to Astro Finance

Astro Finance creates invoices on the 14th of each month which fall due for payment on the 28th of the same month. It is not possible to postpone the payment and if the invoice is not paid on time, a reminder fee of $ 60 will be added and a delay fee of $ 190.

The invoice shows how much you have to pay back at least, but you can pay a higher amount if you wish. For a credit limit of $ 5,000, the minimum monthly payment is $ 475 and at a credit limit of $ 20,000, the minimum repayment is $ 1,450. The lowest amounts include amortization, interest and fees.


Astro Finance has fast loans (even during weekends) to many popular banks and offers loans without UC, but the loans are relatively expensive. The information on the website is somewhat flawed, especially when it comes to the administrative withdrawal fee. At one point, Astro Finance writes that as a customer you only pay a withdrawal fee and in another it says that the withdrawal fee is paid monthly. Which of course can cause some concern for a new customer.

If you instead want to borrow money with clear terms and also at a better interest rate, try our service here at Sambla. With Sambla you can compare loans from over 35 lenders, completely free of charge!

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