Who benefit from our credits without credit bureau??

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More and more people

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Have sought a definitive solution to their money problems when having an emergency. This is very important for us because we are aware of the number of people who need to get out of trouble and do not have a reliable entity without many “buts” when it comes to helping them. That’s why and so you can get an idea of ​​who our customers are and how we have helped them; In this opportunity we will tell you some important figures and data that you can take into account when taking credits without a bureau with us. These data are 100% real and are part of an analysis of our website and social networks, which allows us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our services.

Both men and women have great money responsibilities today, so it is not surprising that there is a high number of users on our platform. Currently, of the services we provide, 44% are taken by women and 56% are taken by men. The reasons for this phenomenon are very simple and relate to the responsibilities that men and women have on a daily basis.

In the case of women, there is a high probability that at least half of that percentage corresponds to householder mothers who must ensure that they keep everything in order for their home and their children: pay for schools, buy uniforms, market, pay services, etc. For this reason, many times their income through formal or informal employment, cannot meet the needs of the month and turn to our services to get out of trouble.

In the case of men

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A condition also arises and it is very likely that they are parents who take the only income into the home, so they need extra help to complete the money that meets all the needs of their family. This is why Charles Darnay gives them the ability to complete whatever it takes to help in their home. It is worth clarifying that not only this type of population is part of our clients, since all types of men and women have required an “extra” for all their expenses.

On the other hand, venturing into the digital media with the creation of a platform that can guarantee a loan application process without a completely safe and effective bureau has been what has allowed us to reach so many people. As technology is part of their daily lives, and due to the lack of time either due to their obligations or work, in general we know that many do not have the time or patience to approach a place to apply for credits. This is undoubtedly one of the key points that has facilitated the task of reaching a large audience and providing our service.

Social networks have also contributed greatly to provide immediate solutions to those who need it. Networks are part of the lives of all our users whether they use them for entertainment or work, so having a presence in them today is a necessity for all businesses and businesses. We currently have a Facebook community of 25,459 followers, while we reach a total of 5,602 on Twitter. Since we started with our platform we have received more than 432,000l requests for our services, something that indicates that we are making a change in the way in which the Colombian is accustomed to making economic procedures or loan applications.

The cities where our loans without bureau are most requested are Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. Although our versatile and completely online service allows us to reach the entire country. Of the 100% of users that we have had during these years, we can say that there is a high percentage of clients who have been more than satisfied with the opportunities we offer to obtain money in an agile, legal and oriented way to solve the problems of Money from our users. At this time, the number of customers who have been satisfied with our services is 98.3%, a very high and positive rate for any entity that offers financial products. On the other hand, the percentage of users who recommend the use of our platform exceeds 95%.

Thanks to our effort and work

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We can also thank our customers who have also felt the commitment to pay their credits on time. Currently, the rate of requested loans paid in a timely manner corresponds to 68%, which is very encouraging for us, as it indicates that user satisfaction is also reflected when paying for the service.

Finally, we want to remind you that our disbursement times for loans without a bureau will always remain fast and timely, just as you need it. We have an average time to make a maximum of 5 hours, but we have also had immediate response times of 12 minutes, all determined by the ease of interpreting the data sent by the client and the limitations of the bank from which it comes your account. We look forward to helping you meet your goals and work as a team with you!

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